Expanding Your Capacity to Receive

“A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” - Proverbs 18:16

Sometimes, people anointed by God to ministry interpret Proverbs 18:16 to mean that their calling will open doors and bring them before significant and influential men. The gift referred to in this verse, however, deals with a financial gift. A financial gift will open doors of opportunity, and it will make room for people to receive.

While I was meditating on this, the Lord said, “Son you need to expand your capacity to receive. Too little capacity causes waste.” I thought I already had a large capacity to receive. He then told me, “If you need more room, then give bigger gifts.”

For example, I’m a pastor of multiple churches, although I didn’t seek to start churches all over the country. God wanted to give us opportunities to minister to many people, but I had to expand my capacity in order to do this.

Flow With God in Your Giving

The single, biggest thing I hear preachers complaining about is lack of money. The Word told you that your gifts will cause you to have a greater capacity to receive. Consistent giving creates consistent room to receive. It causes consistent blessings to come your way.

It is important for you to understand that the principle of tithing applies to your ministry as well. Many ministries want the tithe to be given to them, but they don’t want to give. Your ministry should be a stream, not a dam. Money should not  come to you and stop; it’s should flow out, especially to the one(s) that made the way possible for you.

God doesn’t want to bless you just a little. He wants to open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing so big that you don’t have room to receive it. He wants you to expand your capacity so that you can receive and bless others even more.

When you get in the flow with God, He will bless you. Other people will say, “I don’t know how you do this; where did this come from?” People will know you couldn’t have done it yourself. That’s the way God has set up His system. When people give to you, they are saying they’re interested in what you’re doing. They recognize the value of what you have. They will want to know your story and bless what God’s doing with you. Not only do these people give to your ministry, but also they’re people you better get to know!

I’m A Faith Man, But Times Are Tight!

There are principles in the Word of God that operate every time. Giving will bring you before great men. You will need to obey God when He tells you what to do in order to receive. When you do, He’ll give you miracle after miracle after miracle. Let me give you an example of this from my experience in ministry.

My spiritual father was Kenneth Hagin. Every time I visited him, I took the best gift I could give. I didn’t do it to impress him, but to honor him as a prophet of God who had answers, anointings and revelations I needed. I knew that His ministry was allowing multitudes of people to hear God’s Word, and I wanted my ministry to sow seed into his mission to spread the Word of God.

Years ago, I took $25,000 to Kenneth Hagin’s camp meeting to plant into his ministry. Our ministry was experiencing some tight financial times, but I thought that was a good amount to give. The Lord spoke to my wife, however, and she said, “You’re supposed to increase that gift to $50,000.”
To be truthful, I was not overjoyed. I said, “I’m going to pray about this, because that’s a lot of money.” God gave me peace, but before long my wife was back again, saying, “You’re supposed to give more than that. God wants you to give $75,000.”

I’m a faith man, but times were tight! I was asking God for a new place for our ministry. I didn’t jump up and down that night right away, either, but I soon heard in my spirit that my wife was speaking God’s truth. I said, “Thank you, Lord! We’re happy to give $75,000 in Jesus’ name!” The day before the offering, she came to me again, saying, “You’re not supposed to give $75,000 dollars; you’re supposed to give $100,000!”  The Lord couldn’t talk to me because I was so focused on the finances. God, however, wanted to expand my capacity to receive. My ministry was going to have to follow His principles and sow some seeds in order to receive.

God moved supernaturally in our ministry after that, telling me where to go and what to say. He allowed us to worship with a predominantly white congregation while they were building their church. We eventually bought the largest existing church in our region. A Detroit newspaper featured a story about how this congregation and ours were worshiping God together in the spirit of reconciliation.

God wanted to give all these things to us, but we would not have received them if I had not obeyed. You may have a return out there, but there’s also something you may have to do in order to receive it.

That wasn’t all God wanted to give us! Three months later, the Lord began to speak to me about a 110-acre site where priests trained for the ministry. It was the most beautiful site in Southeastern Michigan. Seventeen corporations tried to buy this place without succeeding. However, when I walked into the room, the head priest said, “You’re the man to whom I’m supposed to sell this property.” How did this happen? A man’s gift makes room for him!

Succeeding in Ministry

The number one principle for success in the ministry is obviously a prayer life. Without prayer, there will be no manifestation of the anointing. The second principle is to give the people God’s Word every time you speak, Word that you have prayed over, studied and meditated. The third thing is to figure out where you came from and what blessed you, and make sure you are a tither with your ministry. The fourth thing is to make sure that you give God the glory, honor and praise. When people start talking about how great you and your ministry are, you need to say, “All glory goes to God!” The final thing is to obey whatever instruction He gives you. If you do those things, I guarantee you that your ministry will prosper because God is going to make room for more.

For your reference

  • 1 Kings 10, 11
  • Luke 5