Ministering Out of Your Overflow

One of the things a preacher must be able to do is minister out of his overflow. The Lord can say, ”Go this direction,” and a preacher will be able to teach 60 to 90 minutes or more out of his store of revelation knowledge. That comes from experience—from having preached for a long time and having studied, meditated, and prayed over the Word for a long time. Successful preaching comes from knowing your subject.

This kind of ministry comes from having the Word in you, from having revelation knowledge. When you’re in the Word every day, messages are coming to you all the time. In fact, you will have four, five, or six different series simmering, and you will ask God, “Which one do you want me to deliver?”

At that point, preaching will not be a matter of working up a message to give the people. Preaching will be a result of ministering out of your overflow.

I have to stop myself from preaching, because I can preach 120 minutes every time I get up. I don’t run out of something to deliver; I just have to quit.

When you leave school, you don’t quit Bible study all of a sudden. In fact, Bible school teaches you a lifelong habit of how to succeed in ministry.

You have to feed yourself before you can feed anyone else; you’re like a mother with child. If she doesn’t get good nutrition, the child inside her will not thrive and may even die. You need always to be studying and meditating and praying for yourself and for others—those whom God has given you to shepherd.