A Growing Need for Campus Ministry

Today, many churches have an active Youth Ministry. Not so long ago a church with a Youth Ministry was rare. However, the need for a ministry targeted towards youth became more and more evident. Understanding the need, both suburban and inner-city churches began to implement services and events for their youth. No doubt, lives were changed and many youth developed a personal relationship with God. Unfortunately, some of these same youth would go on to attend college where their Christian faith would be tested leading them to backslide. All of the teaching they received in their Youth Ministry would either rise to the forefront of their lives or become a distant memory. Now the need for a Campus Ministry has become more and more evident.

A college student has the opportunity to spend practically every weekend participating in some kind of event that is held by a student or an organization. There is usually a party, step show, fashion show or something of that nature for them to hang out with friends and have fun. Unfortunately, the same is not true for a Christian on campus. Because of the nature of the aforementioned events, on Friday night they are faced with the prospect of being bored or going to a worldly event. This often leads to the Christian student falling away from God.

Having a Campus Ministry can provide an alternative avenue whereby born again men and women can affiliate with an organization that represents the beliefs of Christianity. This is the primary need for a Campus Ministry as it aims to help those students who are away from their church home and Christian friends. Finding a good church to attend while away at college is not impossible but very hard. While the Campus Ministry does not and should not replace a church home it does provide the weekly teachings and Christian fellowship that can sustain a student while they are away at college.

A secondary need for a Campus Ministry would be to win the lost and dying college campus for Christ. Reaching out to all students and showing them the love of God will help meet this need. It has been statistically proven that the older a person gets the harder it becomes to win them to Jesus. If a college student was not raised in the church or was not privileged to have a Youth Ministry winning them to Jesus during their college years becomes crucial.

Therefore, Campus Ministries are needed in order to give the college student a Christian alternative for everything the world has to offer. All the world does is just a counterfeit of God’s creation. Satan is a counterfeiter and he has consistently taken what God created and perverted it for his glory. He has done this with sex, parties, music, and college life. We aim to show the college students the real thing. Not just telling them what God’s purpose for sex, school and the like are but showing them God’s true plan for parties, events, and college life.

It is important to minister to college students about issues they are presently dealing with. Two areas that cause Christian college students to fall away from God are relationships and controlling their bodies. They usually fall because they violate II Corinthians 6:14 and Psalm 1:1 and become “yoked” with an unbeliever in dating or friendship or they violate I Corinthians 6:20 in doing things that do not glorify God. In addition, there are many aspects of the college life that affect a Christian student’s life naturally and spiritually. Between science classes that teach evolution and credit card stands handing out free t-shirts; they must receive sound Biblical teaching on faith and finances. Therefore, it is important to minister to the students in the areas of relationships, faith and finances.

In order to affectively minister to the college student there must be a level of urgency. Every lesson must be delivered in a manner that invokes an immediate reaction. Every day they are bombarded with tons of information. Professors stand and lecture for hours on subjects with no life. The Word of God is quick and powerful. This difference must be evident in everything we do from ministry style to the title of the message. Our level of intensity and enthusiasm for the things of God can never equal that of a professor’s for math or English. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with conviction. Challenge every student to live the life that God has preordained for us to live....the abundant life!

A Campus Ministry that teaches sound biblical principles while providing a way for the college student to have real fun and fellowship with other believers is priceless. A revival on the college campus is long overdue. The harvest is indeed plenty. Our prayer is that the laborers are many and are equipped to win the college campuses for Christ.

This article is written by Minister Anita Davis

Word of Faith Int’l Christian Center