Forming Your Ministerial Team

Many people seeking positions as ministers, pastors or evangelists for the kingdom of God. Yet, several questions remain, what are Pastors looking for and where should they look for those individuals that can help them fulfill the mission that God has given them? Where should the hopeful up and coming ministers be in order to be selected and set in the ministry? The answers to these questions can all be found in the Word of God.

“Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. ” John 4:35

“Therefore said he unto them, the harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. ” Luke 10:2

According to these scriptures, Jesus is looking for laborers to help with the harvest in the field. If you are a pastor and want qualified people, then you should look where Jesus looked. If you are a ministerial hopeful, then you should be headed to the fields where the laborers are working.

In 1 Samuel chapters 16 and 17, there is an account of God directing the prophet Samuel to anoint a new king. The prophet has been instructed by God to go to Jesse's house to anoint one of his sons. When Samuel arrived, the sons of Jesse were lined up and prepared to be selected. The prophet begins to use his own natural abilities to select the new king. However, God tells him not to select a man based upon natural accomplishments, but instead by what was is in his heart. After observing each son, Samuel asked him if he had any more sons that were not present. Jesse stated that he has another son named David, who was tending to the fields. Samuel calls for David and upon his arrival, God directs Samuel to anoint David as king.

If you notice, no one called David from the fields when the prophet arrived. At first, it seemed as if he was disregarded because he was the most unlikely candidate. Samuel, naturally, would not have chosen David because he believed another would have been better. So, even though David was out of sight and others seemed to be the best choice, God was able to speak to the prophet and direct him to make the right choice. Even though everyone was not called into the house to meet with Samuel, God was still able to speak to Samuel regarding someone who was not in his line of sight. Likewise, when it seems like you have been forgotten, you must remember that God is able to speak to your leaders.

When looking for David, he was where he belonged, in the FIELD. This is the primary reason why you do not want to try to influence leadership to choose you. You want to make sure that God has chosen you. Even if you impress the man of God and he decides to choose you, when he goes into his prayer closet, he will hear from God concerning his choice. Just because the people want you and the leadership picks you, it does not mean you will stay there. Remember what happened to David's predecessor Saul.

Pastors should recognize that when potential staff members are discovered in the field and anointed for service, there may be a period of time between that moment and the time of the true manifestation of them walking in their calling. What happens to them during those months and years before they step into the fullness of their calling is extremely vital. We can go back to David. After he was anointed to be the king, he went back to the sheep in the field, and life went on as usual or so it seemed.  During this time, King Saul was in need of a man that was anointed.  Word of David's abilities and anointing was relayed to Saul by his servants.  Similarly today, those that are anointed are working in the field or the Father's field and the word of their anointing begins traveling through the ranks. When pastors are seeking qualified and anointed potential ministers, we can say we know a man or woman in the FIELD.

Looking back, King Saul sent word to Jesse for David to come and serve him. I ask, "Where did the king find David?"  In the field! David was not looking for the king to pick him, nor standing in a long line of others begging to be selected. David was not asking what department he should be over since he had been hand-picked but was in the FIELD. When David's assignment for King Saul was finished, he returned to his father's field.  As Bible school graduates, they should return to your fields not staying in the cities where the Bible school resides. But, returning to their father's field to help with the harvest. As a result, when the Pastor who recommended them to the Bible school is looking for someone, all the he or she has to do is go and look in their fields.

Along the way to our destiny, God may call us to do many things that seem to be unimportant but with God there are no unimportant assignments. God may give us temporary assignments, but you should not leave your Father. After each assignment, David kept returning to his father's field, which is where Jesse calls him from to go to his destiny by delivering lunch to his brothers in the battlefield. How many times have we been reminded not to despise small beginnings? David had proven himself in the field and was now ready to go after Giants.

Pastors: "Where can the next battle ready warriors be found?" The answer is in your field!  This is where you will find those that have prepared and proven themselves through loyalty and faithfulness to your ministry by serving as a laborer in your church.

This article is written by Pastor Raymond McClintock

Senior-Assistant Pastor for Word of Faith