Empowered by the Great Grace of God

“Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power. Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. ” Ephesians 3:7-8

The grace of God exists on three different levels. There is the entry level, or the lowest level of the grace of God. On that level, the word grace means unmerited favor. Too much emphasis has been placed on the unmerited part, and not enough on the favor. Clearly, it's unmerited—you didn't earn it. It is the gift of God to you.

The second level of grace refers to God's willingness to enter into a blood covenant of righteousness with you and bring you into his presence as though sin has never been. Because of this covenant, God will treat you as though you have never sinned in your life—and every one of us has missed God's mark many, many times.

The third level of grace is the anointing of God. The Holy Ghost is the grace of God; He is the anointed, and He extends that anointing to you. The anointing will remove all burdens and destroy every yoke. The anointing will bless and empower you. The anointing will go before you to prepare the way for God to move.

Therefore, you can use your faith for manifestations of the power of grace. You can pray and believe God for this active side of grace, and the grace of God will go forward and destroy works of the devil. The grace of God is the anointing that will allow you to stand in the work to which God has called you. The grace of God is the empowering presence of God's Spirit. Thank God for this mountain-moving, seed-growing grace!

Grace to Speak Boldly

In Acts 4, the disciples had been involved with a notable miracle where a lame man began to walk. The people rejoiced, and word of the miracle came to the Sanhedrin, who grabbed the disciples and demanded that they stop teaching and preaching in the name of Jesus under threat of death.

The disciples were let go, and they went to their own company and reported all that the chief priests and scribes and elders had said. They then began to pray, but instead of crying about their problems and repeating the threats, they started praising God, asking for boldness so that they could speak even more fearlessly with signs and wonders to go along with it.

They were asking for a manifestation of the power of grace to show up on the scene to deal with the problem. Great grace showed up, and they lost all their selfishness. They started loving one another. They started speaking the word of God boldly.

Grace to Release Power

In Acts 5, we read that so many signs and wonders were being manifest that people brought their sick into the street so they could at least be touched by the shadow of Peter passing by. When you're experiencing a time that great grace is going forward, you don't need much to happen to release power! Anybody who was sick, anybody who was demon possessed, and anybody who needed any miracle was healed because great grace came on the disciples.

So yes, there's grace as unmerited favor, and there's grace as God entered into a covenant of righteousness, but there's also the anointed power of grace that removes the burdens of sickness and that destroy the yoke that was upon the people.

Grace comes from the Father to the Lord Jesus Christ through His anointing to you and me. Grace was what empowered Paul's ministry as an apostle. It is the grace of God, the power of God, that enables anyone to do what God calls him or her to do. I could not do the ministry that God has called me to so without His grace. I am totally dependent on the power of God to teach and to pastor. You are totally dependent on God's grace to do what He's called you to do.

You have God's grace in you. You have grace on the inside, and grace on the outside just like Jesus. You live out of His anointing. That's why all glory has to go to God. Man can't take any glory for doing anything. We haven't done anything. If good happens when we preach and minister, thank God, but it's not us; it's the grace of God.

You need to thank God that He's on your side, working on your behalf. If you've had trouble, and if you've had a hard year, you need to shout with that grace. You are a saint of God, with grace in you and grace on you. Talk back to the devil. Tell him that he can do whatever he wants, but you know what's going to happen in the end! You're going to get God's grace just in time! God has covenanted with you to show up!

In Philippians 4, great grace came upon the church at Philippi because they entered into partnership with Paul's ministry. That's why it is important to sow seed, and that's why it is important to keep relationships. Paul understood that when you are filled with and walking in the grace of God, then that grace can be used for a specific purpose. Paul knew that the grace of God should cause him to be bold. He knew that the grace of God should cause him to be able to face trouble fearlessly. He had the favor of God, he had a covenant with God, and he had the manifested power of God, which is grace. Because of that, hear Paul's attitude:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ”Philippians 4:13

“Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. ”Romans 8:37

Knowing that you stand in the grace of God ought to give you an attitude, too!

If you stay constant on the Word of God, refusing to be moved by what you see, what you feel, and what people say, then you're going to be moved by knowing who you are and where you are standing! This is going to bring you the experience of victory, and that experience of victory will give you hope for the future.

This article is written by Bishop Keith A. Butler

In his signature line-by-line style, Bishop Keith A. Butler travels the world teaching the Word of God without compromise. Bishop Butler is dedicated to teaching believers how to live their faith. He is the founder of Word of Faith International Christian Center and the Senior Pastor of faith4life churches in Round Rock and Dallas, Texas.

As Bishop, he oversees 14 ministry operations in the United States. Bishop Butler has also established several international ministry works. The Word of Faith Ministerial Alliance is a fellowship of ministers and Christian leaders who have received Bishop Butler as their spiritual father and/or mentor. Through its companion website, faithleaders.com, ministers and Christian leaders can find valuable resources to aid them in their ministry callings.

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