Keys to Walking in the Blessing

The Word of God shows you everything you need to know to be blessed by Him—to be happy, prosperous, fortunate, and well off. If you will act on the truths revealed from the Word, not only will you be blessed but also you will become a great blessing in the lives of many others—believers and non-believers alike.

Following are fifteen guidelines from Scripture that enable God’s blessings to follow you and produce God’s best in your life:

  • Learn How to Endure Temptation (James 1:12). The person who will not give up and quit, even though he is tempted, tested, and tried, places himself in a position to be well spoken of by God. Know that the enemy of your soul won’t just sit there and let you walk into blessings. He will fight you every step up the way. That’s why you need to make up your mind to endure whatever he brings against you so that you can experience victory by standing on the Word.
  • Begin With the Word of God (James 1:25). Being blessed doesn’t start with how you feel or what you think about a matter; it starts with the Word of God. You need to say, “Let me find out what God says about the matter.” Being blessed comes not only by looking into the Word but also by continuing in the Word. The Word works all the time when you meet the conditions and then stay in His way.
  • Act on the Word of God (James 1:25). You have to decide that you’re going to do whatever you find to do in the Word of God. For example, if God’s Word says to love those who persecute you—and it does (see Matthew 5:44)—then you’re going to have to do that. To act upon that, you’re going to need to pray for that individual who caused thoughts other than those rooted in love to come to your mind! You’ll find that when you do something God’s way, it will produce something good in your life, and it will produce quickly. But remember: you have to cooperate with God for Him to be able to bless you to the full extent that He desires to bless you.
  • Listen to God (Proverbs 8:32-34). You have to take time to listen. That means you’re not going to do the first thing you feel like doing or buy the first object you like. You’re going to spend time meditating in the Word of God and getting quiet before Him so you can hear Him. To receive His blessing, you must accept all the instructions He gives you—whether you like them or not, and whether you agree with them or not. You need to develop the ability to hear God. He will lead you by His Word, through His peace, or by the voice of the Holy Ghost speaking to your spirit.
  • Walk in the Fear of God (Psalm 115:12-14). If you walk in the fear of the Lord, you will hate all evil ways. You will not speak anything other than what God says to speak. You will walk in reverential respect for your heavenly Father. There should be some things you’d never say or do simply because you respect God; you don’t want to disappoint Him. You don’t have to be someone special for God’s blessings to come on you and overtake you, because He’s promised to bless both small and great that fear Him. God will increase you more and more until you won’t be able to use any more—you’ll be in a state of overflow!
  • Don’t Walk in the Counsel of the Ungodly (Psalm 1:1-6). You shouldn’t be getting your advice from a 1-900 psychic hotline, from your horoscope, or from some television talk show host. Your guidance comes from the Word and from God’s Spirit inside you, not from external sources who don’t know God’s way and methods. If you follow God’s ways, His words, and His advice, you’ll be happy!
  • Put Your Complete Confidence in God (Psalm2:12). When you put your trust in God, you are blessed, and doors will open for you. That means that you trust God with your entire life, whether you’re single or married. You trust God with your finances. You trust Him with your children. You trust Him with all your possessions. You have total confidence in His ability to provide and in His desire to bless. God will never let you down.
  • Make a Decision to Live Right (Psalm 106:3). You have to choose to live right at all times and in all circumstances. Living right is not something you do because you always feel like doing it. It’s not something you do because all the circumstances are favorable for right living. God will encourage you—He will give you strength and ability—but He won’t force you to do right. He has given you free will, and it’s up to you to decide which way you’re going to go.
  •  Consider the Poor (Psalm 41:1-2). God is very serious about His desire for you to help others who are less fortunate. Everyone who is blessed is required by God to reach down and help someone else. In fact, how you treat the poor has a lot to do with your blessing. If you think only about giving to yourself and don’t ever help others, when your time of trouble comes, you won’t be protected.
  • Be a Giver (Matthew 10:8). If you are going to be blessed by God, you must give generously. Stinginess chokes the blessing, but liberality releases the blessings of God. Liberality releases happiness and joy. Ask yourself these questions: Are you a giver? Are you setting your sights on others instead of just on yourself? Are you in the giving flow or are you hoarding what God has given you?
  • Be a Person of Faithfulness (Proverbs 28:20). A faithful person will tell the truth regardless of consequences. He will stand firm and secure on his convictions. A faithful man will stick with his wife, and a faithful woman will stick with her husband. If a person doesn’t have a spouse, he or she won’t mess with anyone else’s partner.  If you’re faithful, God’s blessings will abound. Blessings will come to you from everywhere.
  • Seek God First (Matthew 6:33). You need to seek the face of God before you make any changes in your life. When you’re offered the promotion of a lifetime, you need to seek God before you automatically accept it. You need to allow Him to order your steps. When that’s the case, you can’t go wrong. You will be blessed!
  • Give God Your All (Psalm 119:1-2). Run after God. Run after His Word. Seek Him and hunger for Him daily. Seek the Lord with your whole heart—with everything that’s in you—and you’ll be blessed.
  • Give Your Life to Him (John 6:35). This step is closely connected with the last three steps. If you want to live in the blessings of God, you need to tell Him, “Lord, everything about me—everything I have, all my desires and ambitions, and all my will—I submit to You. I give you my whole life. Send me where You want to send me. Do with me what You will.” When you give your life to the One who is the bread of life, you can’t help but be blessed!
  • Walk in Love (1 Peter 3:9). If God said to walk in love—and He has said that over and over again in Scripture—then you can walk in love. And when you do so, you will inherit His blessing!

If you take these steps, God can bless you beyond your highest dreams, goals, desires, and imagination. God has not hidden the way from you. He wants you to be blessed more than you want to be blessed. The key lies in your devotion and obedience to Him and His Word.

This article is written by Bishop Keith A. Butler

In his signature line-by-line style, Bishop Keith A. Butler travels the world teaching the Word of God without compromise. Bishop Butler is dedicated to teaching believers how to live their faith. He is the founder of Word of Faith International Christian Center and the Senior Pastor of faith4life churches in Round Rock and Dallas, Texas.

As Bishop, he oversees 14 ministry operations in the United States. Bishop Butler has also established several international ministry works. The Word of Faith Ministerial Alliance is a fellowship of ministers and Christian leaders who have received Bishop Butler as their spiritual father and/or mentor. Through its companion website,, ministers and Christian leaders can find valuable resources to aid them in their ministry callings.

Bishop Butler has a nationally televised program on the Golden Eagle Broadcasting Network called “Live your Faith”.He is the author of over 24 books with such titles as Living Life on Top, The Art of Prayer, God’s Not Mad at You and God’s Plan for Man. With the support of his lovely wife, Pastor Deborah L. Butler, and their children: Pastor Andre Butler and wife Tiffany Butler (granddaughters Alexis, Angela, & April), Pastor MiChelle, and Minister Kristina Butler Bishop Butler continues to plant churches worldwide.