Total Dependence upon God

Matthew 6:25-34

As people who lead others and carry the responsibility of organizations, it's easy for us to find enough things to worry about. We have deadlines, budgets, staffing, financial pressures, attendance, audits, reports (you fill in the blanks) that could make our blood pressure rise and account for many sleepless nights. But Jesus cautions us against worrying about anything, even the food we eat or the clothes we wear. In this passage, Jesus gives his disciples (and us) six reasons for trusting in God rather than worrying.

First, the same God who gives us the greater gift of life will certainly supply the lesser gift of food and clothing (v.25). Second, the God who cares for birds will care for his people. After all, humans are of much greater value than any bird (v.26). Third, worry expends energy pointlessly; it doesn't change the reality of the situation a single bit (v.26). Fourth, worrying ignores God's demonstrated faithfulness in our lives (vv.28-30). The same God who so wonderfully clothes the flowers of the field is responsible to care for them. Every blossoming flower is a reminder of God's faithfulness to us. He's done it for us in the past, He'll continue to do it in the future. Fifth, we are God's children (vs.31-33). God will never treat us as orphans who need to fend for ourselves. The same God who called us, will supply and meet our every need. Sixth, when we worry about tomorrow, we miss out on today (v.34). Any problem we face can be handled, with God's help, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and our faith which causes us to come out victoriously every time.

As leaders who want to impact our generation for Christ, we need to lead in a way that allows others to see our faith and dependence on God. One way we can do that is by depending on God in the face of our daily pressures. The next time you're under pressure, pray for the grace you need to depend on God, who is perfectly and eternally worthy of our trust. Remember that those you lead will see how you respond to such pressures and will follow your actions, not necessarily your words. Let's make 2012 a worry free year!

This article is written by Pastor Joel Gregory

Pastor Joel E. Gregory is Senior Pastor at Faith Christian Center in Smyrna Georgia.